ATS would like to send to customers , colleagues profound gratitude . Thank you for your interest and support in this journey together with us the whole time . Wishing you health , happiness and success .

June 6 , 2002 , automotive parts centers ATS was founded to provide automotive parts in Hanoi . The convergence technicians , leading experts on automotive parts supply consulting team enthusiasm and very prestigious . Specialists meet the requirements for service parts and spare parts of most puritanical . The majority of automotive repair unit selected as a partner providing genuine parts .

We understand the difficulty and risk unexpectedly in front of customers choose to buy automotive parts market with an extensive range of goods from genuine automobile parts until replacement parts , spare parts quality Low Quality . ATS 's mission is to provide customers the best quality products originating clear , reasonable prices , quick service and accurate .

With stable operating model provides strong investment in technology , training and human resources development policy properly. ATS are many manufacturing corporations , automobile parts exporters in the region as well as the world's attention and choice is dealer level 1 automotive parts in Vietnam . Our goods are imported directly from the USA , SINGAPORE , JAPAN , THAILAND , TAIWAN , UAE , KOREA , INDONESIA , MALAYSIA ....

Patrons is our automakers dealer , warranty repair station , garage , insurance companies and other business units of automotive parts throughout the territory of Vietnam.

Undergo more than 10 years of efforts , improve and develop . With these achievements are . Today the ATS are the customers and colleagues known as the distributor of automobile parts & genuine OEM parts and services for the classes A nationwide customers with the best prices .